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In 10 – 9 -8 (stall) (stall) – 7 – 6 (look over there) – 5 -4 -3 (go back to 4) – 3 – 2 – 1 (it has begun)…

This is kinda what it felt like from the time I submitted the first draft of this book until the release of this site, developed by my friend Brian Dusablon at Duce Enterprise. The book will be available for pre-order as of next week and there will be an ASTD book page up as well. Its been a really interesting ride, this whole book writing thing and although its taken me a while to get excited about it. I’m there.

I’m excited because the foreword written by Tony O’Driscoll demonstrates that the message buried in the words of this book is the message I set out to deliver. That message is Learning and Development professionals need to step outside the technologies and systems we are comfortable with and look at those technologies and systems that fuel the organizations we work for if we ever want to become critical contributors to the success of our businesses.

The web and the technologies that fuel the web have penetrated every aspect of our personal and business lives. But it is our own evolution as a people that helped that evolution and we are now inseparable. The world and its inhabitants (thats us), along with the web are now evolving together as a single entity pushing each other in ways that are consistent throughout the web’s growth and our adoption of it. To design and develop meaningful and valuable content for the web that drives performance and learning must do so in the ways the web has naturally evolved.

This book talks about the systems and technologies that create an opportunistic eco-system in which instructional designers can play. I hope those that read this book are able to bring value back to the organizations they work for, if not today, then shortly down the road.

I hope to use this blog as a place to have conversations with people that read the book and want to comment, ask questions, discuss, argue or whatever else you want to do here. If you know me, I love to argue and I love to do so with thoughtful intelligent people who disagree with me and are able to make me think.

Many many many thanks to Cammy Bean who helped me talk about complex technologies in ways that instructional designers can understand and relate to. Without her help, this book may well have been written in Chinese (or choose a language you don’t speak or understand). Thank you to Justin Brusino who believed that the ASTD community needed a book outside their comfort zone.

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