The folder structure

We have been raised to organize information in file folders. They were great for trapping paper, they were pretty good in helping us ‘find’ documents, they weren’t so great helping us with version control and they were useless for finding anything specific within a document.

We have been raised to organize digital information in file folders. They are great for trapping digital documents, they are decreasingly useful helping us to ‘find’ documents, they are almost utterly useless for version control and they have nothing to offer in the way of finding anything specific.

In the future, the use of file folders will be rethought.

“Time” is our most valuable resource. It is the deciding factor in efficiency and efficiency is often a contributing factor for effectiveness in the workplace.

How does this grab you?




“In 2015 it would take you 5 years to view all the video travelling across IP networks every second”


Folders? How are we finding the stuff? How will we find the stuff?

Would you rather use this?


or this?





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