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ok…seriously, as part of my ongoing documentation on things I’m learning on the way to getting SlideJar off the ground, here’s the latest ‘aha’ that is ultimately shaping SlideJar’s ongoing development.

Although the consumer in the digital media business is the individual, the customers are businesses. Weird eh? I’m sure lots of you are telling yourselves “yes…aaand….you didn’t know that”. No, I didn’t ever have that model in my head forged the way it is now. You see businesses on the net need eyeballs. They need to know the types of eyeballs that are looking at their virtual presence to understand if those eyeballs are potential customers to them. When you have a store and someone walks in, they are a potential customer. However, just because someone looked at your website, does not mean they are a customer at all. So a business who markets and advertises on the web needs information on eyeballs.

Enter digital media. Digital media tries to provide the best experience for a demographically situated audience of individual eyeballs so that it can make money off the businesses that want access to its eyeballs. Digital media strives to attract individuals, grow the largest possible network of users it can, but make money off businesses either through advertising opportunities, sponsorships or data.

How is this fundamentally changing what we’re doing with SlideJar? We are working hard at enabling SlideJar to become a powerful content marketing platform where individuals can access content coming from conferences, events and corporations at a level beyond simple presentations so that we can begin to demonstrate trends and interests and sell that information to businesses who want to understand eyeballs.

The idea of content marketing is something that conferences themselves could benefit from understanding more of. Conferences ultimately sell content. People attend a conference because they believe they will be exposed to important if not critical information for their jobs or personal growth. Conferences that can market the trends that potential attendees will be exposed to, and then continually assess how relevant it actually is will do well in picking speakers and activities that will drive revenue.

Thats my aha for the day!

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