Closing remarks at DevLearn

Here is roughly what I said or wanted to say as closing remarks at this year’s DevLearn:


Its been an absolute thrill for me having chaired this year’s DevLearn. Having been involved in the process, having met all the people that I have this year and having seen the energy and enthusiasm we have been able to generate is a real honor.

As we prepare for our closing session I wanted to say a few last remarks.

Its easy being here talking with people that speak our language, getting excited about the possibilities, meeting new people and feeling like change is possible. Its difficult to go back to our base of operations and carry that same energy, that same focus on implementing all of these crazy ideas. However often its said to just do it, reality will kick in. We will go back to deadlines. We will go back to our families. We will go back to whatever we were doing before but now we’ve tasted what could be.

To shape whats next you need to do all the little things that make progress possible.  Sure it feels like sometimes a thing or a person forces a gigantic leap forward but the truth is more like there has been a build up, its just been underground. The breakthrough thing has probably been in the works for some time. And so something I’ve learned recently is to focus on the little things, get them done and keep your mind open to the changes around you. Everyone of us won’t shape whats next alone. It requires the ‘collective’ to communicate at that sub conscious level and just ‘know’ what needs to be done.

I think the most important take away from a conference is the network I’ve nurtured while at a conference. The collective network of which I am a part is what really matters since it is through that collective that I am most likely going to be able to make a difference. The web grew because people worked at strengthening the network. It is as powerful as it is because it is perhaps the greatest collective intelligence experiment ever. You are not alone in shaping whats next.

All that being said, we do need to act fearlessly as individuals and we need to begin making ourselves and those around us feel slightly uncomfortable with the status quo. The collective is always being driven forward by those who act with conviction and with a little abandon for convention. The education and corporate education market is so ripe for advancement. We are ready to craft our futures and we need people and networks to break some rules and make things work without anybody’s permission.

Shaping whats next requires the continuation of a collective and also requires a little anarchy. By ‘anarchy’ I mean a self directed collective who shun the hierarchy in place and who push a self determined agenda forward. It would be a real honor to think that this DevLearn collective are the people who make change and who succeed in shaping whats next.

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