A world of PDFs

Imagine that instead of the modern search engine, there was simply a directory of PDF’s. Imagine you thought the value of that directory of PDF’s that contain the world’s knowledgebase as high as, and equivalent to the Google. (Btw – you don’t right?) Knowing what we know, imagine a Google sales rep going into a company and saying “Listen, we can help with your directory of information” and them coming back and saying “No thanks, we will distribute PDFs instead”.


Actually, that goes down all the time! Just happened to me today and I cant wrap my head around that thought process. I can’t see how making people scour through hundreds and thousands of pages is equivalent, nay, better than allowing those pages to be searchable in one foul swoop.

As someone who speaks at and attends conferences all the time, I rarely reference entire presentations. And this concern over loss of context that if I take a slide out of its context it will lose its meaning is bullshit. Cause I’m removing it from its context so that I can give it meaning to ME.

Anyways folks, think about it. Think about it when you build courses. Think about it when you build documents. In the digital world the real question is how do I find and connect to this stuff? How do I get value out if it?

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