The Revolution: A Revelation from DevLearn

Let me set the stage here.

Las Vegas…The Palms….trashy Chinese food….some of my favorite people talking about Learning systems and displaying their latest collection of “ts, ts” cards collected during their walking the strip.

Neil Lasher is talking to me about some of the ideas that he’s had after reading my book and the conversation is going deep. Mike Hruska from Problem Solutions joins the conversation and we’re all drinking the same Kool Aid when Mike says the one thing that really drives home what the future revolution in learning is going to be. Its this:

To date we have used technology to amplify the reach of the teacher so that the teacher’s message gets to as many students as possible. The change required is to amplify the reach of the student so that there are more teacher messages per student. In other words, our focus has been increasing the ratio of students per teacher and what we need to do is build systems that increase the ration of teachers per student.

Think about it for a bit. Everything we do, including the latest “revolution” the MOOC is all about using technology to increase the distribution of ‘educational materials’ to reach more students. What if we worked with technology that makes it easier, more effective and more efficient to allow students to reach more educational materials. What would our systems do?

My guess is that we would be building better curation systems, intelligent tutoring systems that draw on a network of expertise and systems that have the ‘student’ role as the service center.

My goal in any conference I go to is to come out of it a little wiser. Thanks to great conversations like this one, mission accomplished!


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