As a boy of 10, I kept at my side my Boy Scout Handbook. It was a worthwhile companion on many a camping trip and as I spent much of my time camping, hiking, playing and working in the outdoors, it was a compendium full of resource I mined over and over again, each time pulling out something new.

Now, as I stand at the very edge of what is for all of us an undiscovered country with an overwhelming abundance of information resources, modalities to connect to them and pathways to make sense of them, I feel like for the instructional designer — heck, for most anyone — this might be the first handbook one needs to do something with the splendor available to us in the dawn of this new era in how we learn.

Aaron Silvers

The future of learning is going to be driven by how we tap into new technology, and among the most important are the ways we deal with content. Reuben Tozman has written the first book that explains these new directions for the learning community: what systems are playing a role, how they work, what they will do, and how you get prepared.

This is ‘must’ reading for those looking to harness the power of systems that communications and marketing are already leveraging to empower new organizational opportunities.

Clark Quinn

The world of learning is shifting on several fronts. It is becoming mobile, highly networked, and overwhelmingly complex in terms of the amount of information that is available to any individual on any topic. New learning technologies appear almost monthly, leaving most instructional designers dazed at the pace of change.

Fortunately, we have Reuben Tozman to guide us through this immense shift in a way that is accessible yet thorough, deep but not overly technical, and clear about where we are going next in the learning and development industry. Reuben’s many years of experience with designing training systems is evident throughout the book, as are his breadth of creative thinking and advanced technical skills.

The world of enterprise training is moving to learning on demand and this is an excellent guidebook for the journey ahead.

Gary Woodill

Instructional design ten years ago was a lock-step, rigid, logical journey to an optimal solution for a world frozen in time. But now the world flows. In this book, my friend Reuben Tozman tells us that instructional designers must become one with the flow of the ways of the web. He describes how designers can let the sunshine in, to widen the paths learners travel, and to mash up learning and work. Bravo!

This is a real step ahead for design. Hats off to Reuben, if though he stuck in too many hockey references. He’s Canadian, eh?

Jay Cross

Finally, a thought-provoking yet practical book for instructional designers! Reuben introduces a new way of thinking about instructional design that meets the needs of today’s Web-based world.

Lance Dublin

Modern day masterpiece

This is a must read if you are considering designing learning on line.

This is where the future of on line learning is heading.

– Neil Lasher

Reuben Tozman’s book has me in “geeky fangirl” mode

 Janet Laane Effron ‏